My work scrutinises the relationship between the Plant Kingdom  and Homo sapiens. In doing so, I mainly focus on the concept of ‘nature’ and try to unravel the ideologies underlying this concept using popular culture. More specifically: What do representations of ‘plants’ in cartoons, horror films, fantasy literature, … tell us about the concept of ‘nature’, and about our relationship to the plant kingdom? In doing so, I identify myself as a Sick Detective, a hybrid character, inspired by The Swamp Thing who experiences the plant kingdom as a possible ally in her investigation. My work invariably moves on the intersection between reality and fiction, which I never distinguish as extreme poles, but rather see as a fluid continuum. In my work, I explore the artificial gap between the two (fiction and reality) and draw comparisons with the separation we make between nature and culture. This fusion of fiction and reality, nature and culture is often reflected in my work in the form of a map. Cartographic maps, mind maps, crazy walls are perfect tools to capture the complexity of the world. At the same time, I question these tools and explore their limits.

I present my work mostly as lecture-performance, workshop, publications and game design.

I hold the title of master in Pedagogical Sciences at KULeuven and was later awarded a master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts by the LUCA School of Arts Brussels. Since 2013 I  have been associated with a.pass as mentor, researcher, and collaborator. For 2 years I teached at Erg (Ecole de Recherche et Graphique) in the atelier of performance and was a mentor in the atelier of animation. I am part of the artistic coordination at wpZimmer Antwerp and I’m an active member of State of the Arts.