Forensic Plant Lab (2020 – 2021)



is an ongoing project operated by The Sick Detective that takes different forms (lecture-performance, workshops, open studio) and is set up as a detective agency that is specialised in investigating the relationship between Homo Sapiens and the vegetal kingdom and in a broader sense humankind’s’ relation to nature. FPL investigates destructive actions against plants and focuses on how these actions entangle us in dense relationships with our environment. Every FLP-investigation challenges the subjectivity of the investigators and the ways we live together. Forensic Plant Lab is a part of the Detective agency of Monsters, a collaborative project with The Kinstitute (by Maria Lucia Cruz Correia).

In May 2020 Forensic Plant Lab and The Kinstitute started working on their first case ‘De Liereman’ :
On the night of the 23th of May, (an) unidentified subject(s) girdled 117 oak trees in Landschap De Liereman in Oud-Turnhout (Belgium). The police defined it as a crime against public goods. The investigation goes on until the perpetrator is caught. Status of the investigation: CLASSIFIED.

Title: Forensic Plant Lab
Time: ongoing
Format: lecture-performance, workshop, open studio

Support: Flemish Authorities // Production: WpZimmer // Collaborators : Gosie Vervloessem, Maria-Lucia Cruz-Correia