The Pleasure Garden (2022-2023)

interview :

The Pleasure Garden is a digital artwork in the framework of the Middelheim Museum’s Artistic Research Project ‘Reading the landscape’.  The Pleasure Garden is a research project that explores the Middelheim Museum as a platform for encounters between different human and more-than-human agents.  Powerful stories about interweaving exuding pleasure, but equally turbulence emerged. The Pleasure Garden challenges the dominant voices in the park and creates spaces for those agents that are mostly unheard, picturing their vast intertwinings.

The Pleasure Garden is an AR application that guides you through 5 locations in the Middelheim park. AR, Reality Augmented by things we do not see or hear, feel or sense in the first place, at first glance, when we are blinded by the dominant stories in the park. It enables you to see and sense things we do not perceive if we do not pay special attention. Ar technology is used as an attention device. It is a tool that scans the borders between reality and fiction and helps to write and read complex stories and release erotic energies. The app can be triggered in the park and on a map/poster. 

The content of The Pleasure Garden was inspired by a reading group on queer ecology.

Launch of The Pleasure Garden 

Credits : 

  • Concept – Gosie Vervloessem
  • Drawings – Gosie Vervloessem
  • Poster Design – Joud Toamah
  • Print and Print Advice  – Gerard Leysen/Affreux
  • AR design and Development : Oscar Tulkens
  • AR tech supervisor : Laurent Delom
  • Sound Recording, Composition and Editing – David Elchardus
  • Photography – Navid Fayez
  • Outside eye – Einat Tuchman, Helga Duchamps, Sille Belloul
  • Curator – Pieter Boons 

Format : AR guided tour on site and publication
Support : Middelheim Museum
Production : Middelheim Museum and WpZimmer