They could not care less — landscape (with the fall of Icaros) (2019)


is a collage and a booklet. It is the result of an investigation about the relation between humankind and plants, inspired by Bruegel’s painting ‘Landscape, with the fall of Icarus’. The painting represents Icarus fall into the sea, set against the background of an idyllic landscape. Brueghel’s painting depicts the fragility of humankind and the risk that lies in dealing with uncontrolled forces. They could not care less reflects on questions inspired by Bruegel’s painting, such as: Is this landscape with its vibrant sun, its waves and its vigorous plants only a silent witness to icarus’ sinking? Is nature only a backdrop to human existence or is there more at play? The booklet that is presented next to the collage, contains several quotes and images that, departing from Bruegel’s landscape with the fall of Icarus, helps to shed light on our relation to plants, their boundless growth, their seemingly rampant blind force and the recognition of the limitations and precariousness of the human condition. The collection of different quotes and images are inspired by the defining elements on Bruegel’s painting: sea, island, tendrils, crops, grass, sun, wind and trees. After the fall of man, plants will re-claim their territory. And whether we are falling or not, they could not care less.

Format: Collage, booklet
Support: Flemish Authorities
Production: CCStrombeek